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Re: [Troubles] slow internet speeds at night

This is a pretty common problem with Windstream lately. I've been dealing it for a while (several months now....Blairsville, GA here). I'm fine through most of the day, but from about 8:00pm to midnight or so, it slows down to a crawl. It's not fun to watch a YouTube video that has to stop and buffer every 4 seconds. I've done a few tests using speedtest.net over the last hour, and my average result is 0.20Mbps on the download speed (paying for 3). I also have a lot of friends and neighbors who report the exact same problems, so I know it's not just me.

They've oversold what they can handle. I've heard that some people have been getting credit on their bills if they complain about it enough. A friend of mine said she called them and was told they'd be upgrading some equipment, but she's just gonna have to suck it up and deal with the slowness until they get that done (in June). Nice.


Clarkesville, GA
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I spoke too soon. My eve speeds are now next to zero while I get my full 12 in the am hours. Funny it didn't get this slow til I started publicly complaining about it. Seems they don't like that.

No Stooge
Jefferson, GA
Your results are similar to mine, except I don't get the 12MB I pay for anymore...ever. On occasion I'll get a brief time period of 4-6MB during the daytime, but it then drops to a slow crawl each evening, with dial-up type results, just like you.
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Milledgeville, GA
If you are on Facebook, consider visiting/joining the page "Georgia Windstream Problems." Enough people with the same problem in GA might make someone listen. Pass it on. I pay for 6Mbps and am lucky to get .50 after 4PM everyday, - that is EVERYDAY for over ten months!! Have complained to BBB Arkansas, GA Attorney General's office, FCC, and Georgia Public Service Commission. I'm just paranoid to think that WS has bought most anyone who could do anything about this problem but still it makes me feel better to shout out to those who should/could help. As usual it is all about the money. By the way, I haven't heard back from anyone on the "complained to" list above - oh well.