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reply to Davy49

Re: Administrative Menu of Wireless Gateway

said by Davy49:

Hello All,
When comcast installed the gateway originally, the tech. asked me if I wanted it bridged, I said no...not @ that time. My reasoning was that I 'might' possibly want to try out the wireless part of it sometime, he said ok..and that I could always call in and have it 'bridged' later.

If you want to find out if perhaps a Comcast CSR remotely bridged your gateway and forgot to tell you, just look at the IP address and gateway IP address in your external router's WAN setup/status page. If its IP address is 10.0.0.x and its gateway IP address is, then your gateway is not bridged; if those two IP addresses are anything else (unless you or Comcast modified the gateway's LAN IP address), then the gateway is in bridge mode.

If you aren't sure of the diagnosis after looking at your external router's WAN interface, just post its WAN IP address and gateway IP address, and someone can explain it to you. If you wish, you can mask the router's WAN IP address by substituting xxx.yyy for the last two octets in the IP address. For example if the router's WAN information looks like:

IP address:

Just post it as:

IP address: 24.34.xx.yy

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