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Re: Live TV Pausing Issues - Cary, NC

said by WizBomber:

Hello All:

We are having issues with pausing Live TV using our Cisco DVR Boxes. This issue started happening after the last major software upgrade that occured on the boxes a few weeks ago. What happen is if we pause Live TV, after 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes (it has a mind of its own), the TV show will unpause and jump directly to the live show. When this occurs, any of the saved show is lost.

We got our Cisco 8640hdc replaced with a Brand New Cisco 8742hdc but the issue still occurs. TWC Phone Support (called 4 different times) isn't any help and says I need to keep rebooting this box when this happens (but I shouldn't have to reboot 5-10 times day). They say our signals levels are fine.

Anyone else having this issue?


Hi Wiz,

Since a new box did not solve this issue, there could still be a signal related issue that phone support is not detecting. (Often this is the case.) You should go to the TWC Direct to Tech Forum here:

»Time Warner Cable Direct

Post what you posted above, and they will open up a support ticket. All that rebooting indicates that there is something wrong and needs to be corrected. At the secure forum, give your name, address, and account#. It sounds like the buffer is not holding and this is not right. Hopefully, they can check this out. They can also set up service calls and often provide a better communication network than standard phone support. (At least they have when I have used them.) Good luck!