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Re: [FireFox] Yahoo Mail Issues w/replying, etc.

It's getting worse. Since the Yahoo email bork first reared its ugly data-mining head, I've been switching my email to another service. I only reluctantly give scorecard research a pass on Ghostery long enough to view attachments Yahoo holds hostage.
However, as of tonight (FEB 2), Yahoo's pulling the same stunt on their pathetic news.yahoo.com comments threads. If scorecard is blocked, your sign-in password isn't maintained so it's constantly making you resign in to post or rec a comment. This is good. I needed a reason to just stop reading Yahoo's poor excuse for journalism and this'll do it.
With Google ruining Search by forced censorship if you don't let them track you, and Yahoo ruining everything, I'm going to have a lot more free time and money because at this rate there won't be any reason to use or pay for Internet access pretty soon.