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Android... get back here
Cleveland, OH
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reply to ccallana

Re: Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Benchmarked Compared Clock-for-Clock

said by ccallana:

*nobody* is saying here that Intel is backing away from the general PC business. What *I* am trying to say, is that the analysts, you know, the ones who basically make the stock market move up and down (it has very little to do with the actual performance of the company) - say something to the effect, "we think that the general computer PC business is dead, and the only area that means anything for a CPU company is making Tablet and Phone processors, and if a company doesn't, they are crap, and we won't invest in them"

I love it how the people who know absolutely shit about the market get to drive the market that they know nothing about. It makes no sense at all. But then again, whoever said that this world makes any sense.
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