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Brook Park, OH
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reply to ImpldConsent

Re: Oldest running MAIN PC?

My main PC (at least I still consider it my main rig) is a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop that I got as a refurb from the Dell Outlet store about a week or so before Christmas 2007):

Core2Duo T5470 1.60GHz
4GB DDR2 RAM (upgraded from the 1GB it originally came with a few months after purchase)
320gb 7200rpm Western Digital Scorpio HDD (upgraded from the 120gb 5400rpm WD HDD it came with - upgraded about 3 (or 4?) years ago)
Nvidia 8400GS discrete GPU with 128MB RAM
4 USB 2.0 ports (seems as though most lower to mid end laptops these days have only three USB ports?)
1 1394 (FireWire) port
DVD reader/writer drive (does dual layer)
WinXP Home (I updated to SP3 a couple years back) - I'd love to go to Win 7 but don't want to cough up $100+ to do it on a 5+ year old laptop... maybe I could use the COA key from my Acer netbook that came with Win7?)
9 cell battery (I used to get about 5-6 hours battery life but only get about 2-3 these days with 37% wear according to Notebook Hardware Control)

I still have my Gateway GP6-266 266MHz Pentium II rig that I got back in June 1998. I turned it into a FreeNAS server a few months ago but would like to replace it with a PogoPlug when there's a deal for them for $20 or less.