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Peoria, IL

Upgraded static package, No connect via public IP's....

Greetings Funhouse people.

Anybody still here who remembers when this was the "Funhouse" ?

Posting this here 1st according to the rules before I contact
the good people in the Direct forum.

Issue: Just upgraded my biz class static IP package this week.

I have had this line a very long time, since the Ameritech days.

Noticed I was paying almost double what I was 10-12+ years
ago, and getting half the speed. (When SBC became AT&T
they told me my line could no longer support the elite speeds
and the downgraded me to 3000/512...)

Called up and got connected to somebody who set me up with
an upgrade to the ADSL2+ with the 6000/768 package at a
lower price.

They replaced the Cayman 3500 with one of those new NVG510

If I have it setting client IP addr via the Private Pool, things
seem to be ok so far as the line is concerned. Am getting
good numbers on the speed tests, no loss of connect or
anything like that.

However.... No luck at all using the Public Subnet addresses.

Got no issues assigning the addresses either manually or
automatically to my client PC or device, but they have
no connect to the outside, let alone being accessible from
the web.

I have tried every possible combination of the 2 pingable candidates
for Gateway/DNS on the client without success.
1st being the NVG510 at the address, and the 2nd
being the Gateway/Public address for my connect which is in the range. I can connect to the NVG510 connect
screens from either address regardless of my current client DHCP

Noticed something unexpected in the logs that may explain the
problem. The device gets a public IP assigned in the range.
When I have a client working via the Private DHCP pool, that
is the address seen by external websites that report that.

Also discovered that if I set the firewall settings for PassThrough
with the DHCPS-Dynamic option and connect via my Win7 client
with Automatic settings for IPv4, my PC itself gets the same
internal IP in the range as the MVG510.
Things work fine as far as internet access for the 1 client, but
that doesn't help me use the public static IP block at all.

Am I missing something or has something changed drastically
in how this works? The IP was unexpected
and just doesn't seem like it should be in the mix for this setup.

Any ideas or should I just make a post in the Direct forum?


Oh, yea

You had a pppoe static plan, the plan you have now is slightly different
it's dhcp and the routers public ip is not within your block

Premium,ExMod 2000-03
La Grange, IL
reply to MrLoathsome
I named it the Funhouse. Now it is mostly gathering dust while the site withers away.

You'll need to have your IP block modified. AT&T is hell-bent to move everyone over to U-Verse IP systems whether you want to be moved or not. The U-Verse addresses are on different routers than the DSL address blocks and they won't be moving them over so you're screwed.


Peoria, IL
Hello there RadioDoc.

Good to see you are still around here.

Hopefully by being screwed, you are only referring to the chances
of me getting my old IP block back, and not the chances of me
getting my vintage linux servers back online.

I have made some progress in getting the new Static IP's working.
Will post an update regarding that in my other thread since there
is a discussion on that already there.

Going to try a few more things out before I post the update.