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Scarborough, ON
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Re: [Extreme] Rogers Bandwidth Counter Incorrect?

Yeah, I am pretty sure the tech support agent is talking out his butt. The modem from my understanding doesn't have anything to do with keeping track of usage. If it did, it would have been hacked long ago, since the super user passwords are readily available on the internet.

A bad modem, I still don't see how this could cause serious overages. Data is either being sent/received or its not. The modem merely connects to the Rogers infrastructure, and passes all the data via the connected devices. It doesn't really create data to send, not in the volume needed to effect our usage.

From my understanding anyway. I am sure there is more tech savy folks on the modem stuff that could elaborate, but, that just doesn't make sense to me. Yes, switching the modem appeared to solve the problem, but, I don't see why or how. If it did work, I would love to know why, just because I love to know how things work.

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Yup quite likely talking out of his butt ... the data tranferred is measured at the "Service Engines" (the dreaded throttling boxes) or at the CMTS routers.

Changing a modem is going to change the MAC of the router, and hence its assigned IP address. So if you have someone doing dos attacks or other such transfers to your IP, it will go away.

This shows that it's basically, externally initiated traffic, not traffic from you.