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Kent, WA
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Where is off/on button for Roku 2 XS???

That Roku 2 XS is great tiny little unit for watching online video on my Magnavox 47" 720p/1080i/1080p.

What I can't find is the power button on the remote or the unit itself to turn the unit on/off. Where is the on/off button for this unit??? I don't want to have it running 24/7 because I'm not home all the time.

At least my Netgear NTV200-100NAS I gave to my mother to use with her Vizio 37" 720p/1080i in the living room has an on/off button on the remote.


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"The Roku player was designed to remain plugged in so it can download the latest Roku software and channel updates automatically. It draws less power than a night light. So, there is no power button. If you need to turn it off, simply unplug the power cable from the back of the player."
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Portland, OR
reply to floydb1982
I keep my Roku and the TV it is attached to on a power strip and just turn it off to turn both completely off when I'm not around to use them.


Montgomery, IL
reply to floydb1982
ROKUs don't have power buttons/switches.

Just like nothtemama pointed out