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Carpentersville, IL
reply to djcrazy

Re: [Speed] Speed increase.

said by djcrazy:

Hmm. What about those of us on Blast in other markets? It is bad enough my bill went up another $8 or so for nothing. At least up the speeds then.

In the OP's post at the start of this thread, they mentioned that they were on "Performance", and not blast. However, if they are upping the speeds on "Performance", then you would think they would also up them a bit on Blast too...if not, everyone on "Blast" would downgrade their service to "Performance" to save money.

In regards to your other market question, I'm wondering that too. Is this "Performance" speed increase just local to the Northeast area, or is this something Comcast plans to roll out to everyone who has the Performance package.

I ask as I'm on Performance, and I know that for sure as my bill says "Performance Internet Svc Includes Powerboost". When I run a speedtest, I almost always see 24-25 Mbps on the download, and 4 Mbps on the upload. ShaperProbe reports the same as the "Estimated" capacity, but does show the Powerboost as well on both the upload and download. The last test with ShaperProbe that I just ran indicated that my upstream shaping rate was 2128 Kbps. Downstream shaping rate was 15978 Kbps.

So, I know my actual "Performance" speeds (Non-Powerboost) are right around 16/2.

I have not received any email as of yet, so that is why I'm asking. Should I be getting one, or is this just being done in the Northeast?


--Brian Plencner

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