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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

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reply to linicx

Re: Just bought a Nintendo 3DS yesterday

said by linicx:

You may have been unconscious for 30 minutes - which is a long time after a seizure - but you were breathing.

oh? Then I wonder.. Has my entire family been lieing to me all this time for 15 years saying that my brother saved my life? I was told over and over that my brother did cpr on me and the ambulance toke precisely 45 minutes to arrive.
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I did not *see* where you mentioned CPR. You're extremely lucky big brother was at home and knew how to administer it. Of course your family did not lie. And it does not surprise me that it took an ambulance 45 minutes to arrive at your house because I live in rural America, too. I've observed seizures in people that were triggered by various events.

Your parents were terrified ;of that I am sure as lost a child. I had a dog that had the Petit Mal type seizures for years. I felt so helpless when it happened.

I am very glad you are alive to explain it to other. It never occurred to me the pretty flashing lights I loved as a kid, and used as a landmark as an adult could cause so many unexpected consequences such as seizures.
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