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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to Alpha Phoenix

Re: [Help] Best 10" Android Tablet?

said by Alpha Phoenix:

Resolution is great, but I'm also looking for usability and functionality, longevity with lifespan as far as the hardware being fast, powerful, etc. and not going to start lagging and slowing down after a while because it didn't have enough under teh hood to sustain quite a long time of use.

Roger that! Well, the Nexus 10 has plenty enough "horse-power".

The question may be more one of flexibility. The Google Nexus tablets are high quality, no problem there, but where they are lacking is in the omission of a memory slot.

Now, based on your usage, that may or may not be an issue. For example, I do not require a memory slot as I have no wish to use the tablet to store my music or movies (Anything I am going to watch, I do not mind streaming, and I seldom am not around available WiFi).

If you do wish to do those things, the Google Nexus tablets become markedly less attractive, in which case the ASUS Transformer series may make better sense.

Again, amongst the brand name players, there is not much junk out there in the latest iteration of android tablets, they are all reasonably capable. It is more a matter of details based on your individual plans of usage.
Deeds, not words

Alpha Phoenix
Brooklyn, NY
Well I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and with 32GB and no expandable memory and in the more than a year that I've had it, I've never had a problem. Only annoying things that annoy me are that it uses that proprietary 30-pin Samsung connector, instead of a Micro USB port, the battery life is great, but it take FOREVER to charge (compared to cell phones and other devices, but that's probably why it also has such a long battery life, because it's most likely charging via a slow charge which is better for your battery life, as opposed to a fast charge, which isn't as good as a slow charge), and that there is no USB port for transferring data (either I have to use that proprietary cable and connect it to my computer and use Kies to transfer files on, or I use a regular USB stick and use the USB adapter (which is what I do) because that's just seems faster and more convenient.

In all that time, expandable memory probably would have been nice, but not really a big issue at all for me. I've still got about 13GB free on my Tab. My cousin is mot a power user like I am. Granted, you never really know, because once having the options and tools to do something, that may spur someone's usage to increase, but I doubt it in this case. I don't see him loading it up with tons of movies, music, etc that's going to eat up crazy memory like that.
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