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Carpentersville, IL

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reply to JohnInSJ

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 Review

said by JohnInSJ:

said by Mele20:

What are you guys talking about an Intro video that plays when you start Win 8 the first time?

We're talking about the video that plays while it is "preparing for first use" - I have done 10 installs, it's played that same video 10 times. Even on the Surface RT.

Correct. I've also done at least 2 dozen installs of Windows 8. At some point in the install process, you get the little demo that we are talking about.

I also believe that once Windows 8 is installed and running, if you create a new user account (not sure if it has to be a local user, or it can be a Microsoft Account), it will also run that little demo too on the very first time you login to that new account.

It shows you how to "move the mouse to any corner" and the Charms bar will come up. The video shows the mouse moving to the top right corner, and then the Charms bar pops out. However, if you move the mouse to the top left corner, or the bottom left corner, you don't get the charms bar, so that is a bit mis-leading. However, if you follow what the video shows, and not what the text says, you will have no problems getting the charms bar to pop up.

Here's a video from Youtube that shows this. Start watching around the 6:30 mark to see what we are talking about. The Screen will be black, and the text "Check out the new way to use Windows" will be displayed.

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdpgSxul ··· gSxulr_4

--Brian Plencner

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