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Irmo, SC
reply to BKayrac

Re: Path of Exile

Ok...played a shit ton more last night. (disclaimer: I'm still noob, so if I'm off on my facts below, pls feel free to correct, thx)

This game is the shit, no doubt about it.

This game's loot system beats the ever living shit out of D3's, spits in it's face and calls it a bitch for even trying.

The skill tree is sick beyond compare...but the real cool factor here is the gem system.

There are (and there may be more, and I haven't seen them yet) spell gems and support gems. Spell gems give you a certain spell (doesn't have to be equipped in your weapon either...can go into any slot thats colored correctly. In armor, shield, whatever). Now...the cool part is that certain armor and weapons have gem slots that are linked. You can tell this when you loot, as there is a line connecting the gem slots....anyway, if you use a spell gem here, then add a support gem to the other slot, it modifies the use of that spell. So you can take a simple fireball spell for example, and throw on a support gem that multiplies projectiles and increases fire dmg, for example....now instead of casting one fireball, you're casting three for increased dmg for all of them....and the animations are friggin sweet.

Oh, and then there are the orbs. There are orbs to upgrade a regular item to a rare, completely change the stats on your rare, completely change your rare into another rare...it's unreal.

Completely loving it. I'd expect this game to go full tilt once it's released.
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