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Bloom County
reply to intok

Re: $100 a year to USE MS Office - lol

said by intok:

True, but This is Microsoft Office we're talking about. Each new version adds little of value over even long EOL'd versions yet sell by the billions as people are forced to via planned obsolesce from the breakage of file format and lack of security updates.

Forced obsolesce? Hmmm - I seem to remember .docx viewers for Word that anyone could download. Plus - Word has always allowed previous formats - if it was true obsolesce then the older version would not be supported at all - only the new one would be supported.

I have had VERY few issues skipping several version of Word/Office. I went from Office 95 to 97 (97 at least a year after it was available) then skipped to 2010. This has been since 1995 - 3 versions in 13 years...

If they are forcing people to move to the newest - they are not doing a very good job at it.

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