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Uxbridge, ON
reply to mlerner

Re: CNOC speed matching decision due next week

As a public company, Google can't just claim it's not being sold at a loss when it is. There are securities regulations that would cause them big problems for doing such a thing. I know the tinfoil hatters would like to believe their own nonsense that it's a giant conspiracy to steal your information, the reality is they're very likely not losing money.


said by travisc:

the reality is they're very likely not losing money.

Like any infrastructure investment of this nature, it does take ~15 years to get a return on investment so I'm guessing people who say Google is selling "at a loss" are forgetting about that.

Infrastructure is a labor-intensive long-term investment. There will be profit (unless Google screw themselves), it is just 10-15 years down the road.

If someone considers only the early months of infrastructure investments then every significant infrastructure investment ever made will look like colossal "losses" since the rewards are out of the time frame being looked at.