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New to Uverse - what equipment to ask for?

Switching to Uverse from Dish & ATT-DSL, due to price, here in Southern California. What equipment should I ask the installer for (if there's a choice)? I believe that we have the Motorola and 2Wire equipment here, but there's no real clear information on what the newest equipment is. Dish makes it really easy to figure out what the newest equipment is, and there's a lot of choices for DSL. However, for Uverse, there's no clear information on this:
1. 2Wire 3800HGV? Is that really the newest modem? No N or multi-band?
2. Motorola VIP 1216 or 1225 for the DVR? These look like they're about 3-5 years old - shouldn't there be something newer (don't really need wireless, as my TVs are fixed)?
3. Motorola VIP 1200 for the other rooms?

Thanks for the insight...


1. 3801 (it's black), still doesn't have wireless N though.
2. 2250 DVR (also black)
3. 2200 set top boxes (black too), not much difference between a 1200 or 2200 set top box, one is just slightly smaller.


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I am not a uverse tech at this time. rr is right on, do not accept the 3800 or any 12xx dvr device, they are nothing but problems. You coud also get the 7xxx wifi box from cisco instead of the 1200 or 2200, 2 work off one wireless n AP, you can acutually install a couple of APs and get more if you like, not sure if the install tech will do this, but it will work just fine. It really depends how far the wifi STB are from the AP, but you can install a cat5 jack in a central location, that connects to the RG, and hook up the AP there and move the wifi boxes anywhere they link, even outside and across the street if the AP is in a high enough and unobstructed position, like near a second story window.


Michigan, US
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Good luck getting the non-DVR 2200 STB's, I tried like hell and couldn't get them. Did manage to get the 2250 DVR.


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We still have our VIP1225 and two 1200s from 4 years ago :/.