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Warner Robins, GA
reply to fonzbear2000

Re: How does everyone figure that Belkin sucks?

Too much money spent on making the devices look pretty and not enough on making sure they work in the real world. The "ugly" old blue and black Linksys WRT54s or its various derivatives worked great. When they switched to the shiny black saucer models the units did not work well. Belkin did the same thing, going from ugly but functional, to pretty and lousy performance. The ugly boxes with external antennas are some of the best performers. Internal antenna routers look great, but if the antennas are positioned or engineered badly signal transmission can be degraded significantly. Some of the newer designs have housings that get the internal antennas away from the rest of the electronics so that the antenna functions better. They are uglier, but work much better.


Denver, CO
After getting my Belkin N900 replaced (and that was not easy under warranty) it doesn't require a reboot near as often. But, many times more often than my $19 and $29 routers. Those no-name cheap routers also had much better antenna range then the Belkin N900.
Not to mention Belkin has not updated the firmware.

Glad your exprience has been acceptable. Sincerely hope you don't experiene the same problems.