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reply to Selenia

Re: Mozilla will automatically disable all plug-ins in Firefox

said by Selenia:

Flash 11 on Debian Linux running like a champ on this laptop. Then again, I use Chromium(based on Chrome without the GoogleWare). 1080p videos are silky smooth on its somewhat lowly HD4200 graphics but fairly powerful cpu.

Did you manage to get video acceleration going on that 4200? Or is the processor doing the work?

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
Got video acceleration. Requires kernel 3.2, Gallium3D(both in backports, gallium is built into the xserver update), and DRI2). You can get 2D with a stock install and "radeon" driver and a little 3D. This gives you 3D. For both scenarios, I needed the restricted firmware(stable is fine for "radeon" driver but backported version needed for Gallium3D to make hardware acceleration work with Open source drivers. Not sure if Flash acceleration was working with "radeon" as I only kept it for a bit and the Gallium3D does work with Flash acceleration. Word of warning, a bug with kde and the driver means you better use xrender mode to avoid corruption when going from full screen opengl to the desktop.
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