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Urbandale, IA

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Re: [IL] Tech Has to install phone service?

said by Anonymous:

Some areas don't have a (working) power backup. Expect to lose dial tone if your power is out. New phone modems don't even have a place to insert battery in. It doesn't mater since 99.99% of people no longer have one of those simple corded phones that get power via phone cord so when the power goes out their phones lose power too.

That's funny. I must just know the .01% of people who all still have one traditional corded phone in their house, and they must all live in Des Moines. I don't know many people who don't have one "normal" phone. We actually have two - one on each floor. Then again, I've had to call 911 more times than I'd like to be able to count over the past few years for relatives with chronic health conditions, so I'm careful about making sure I have access to a phone that's not going to die. In the event of a real outage though, I have my cell phone as a last resort.

But yeah, when the power goes out, I just expect I'm not going to have service and it's a pleasant surprise if I do.
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