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reply to Davy49

Re: Administrative Menu of Wireless Gateway

said by Davy49:

Just to let everyone know, I did perform a hard/factory reset..upon glancing @ my latest info. on my own router info. page:
IP address:
Subnet Mask: 255.255.wxy.z
Default Gateway:

So far..I still can't access the xfinity gateway admin. page @
I'm really perplexed now. :huh:

I think that you mentioned in your other thread that you were able to access your cable modem by using the IP address If that is/was so, could you post a screen shot of the initial admin page at that IP address? If you can ping but can't get a web browser to connect, could you do a tracert to to verify if you are reaching the device at that IP address through your external router (as opposed to it being directly connected to your LAN)?

Here is my tracert to, and it clearly shows that it goes through my router (

That would tell us if you really were able to access your gateway using, or if there were perhaps some mystery device on your network that you are not aware of.

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