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Oklahoma City, OK
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Re: [OK] Problems after speed upgrade yesterday

Right now in the OKC area it seems that they only have a single upstream channel enabled. Hopefully they will be changing some equipment or settings to change that. I am in Guthrie and run:

Interface Name Freq Power SNR Modulation
Downstream 1 843.000 MHz 1.80 dBmV 38.40 dB QAM256
Downstream 2 837.000 MHz 2.00 dBmV 38.60 dB QAM256
Downstream 3 849.000 MHz 1.90 dBmV 38.20 dB QAM256
Downstream 4 855.000 MHz 2.10 dBmV 38.20 dB QAM256
Downstream 5 861.000 MHz 2.30 dBmV 38.20 dB QAM256
Downstream 6 867.000 MHz 2.50 dBmV 36.90 dB QAM256
Downstream 7 873.000 MHz 2.20 dBmV 37.90 dB QAM256
Downstream 8 879.000 MHz 2.20 dBmV 37.90 dB QAM256

Interface Name Frequency Power Channel type Symbol Rate Modulation
Upstream 1 35.10 MHz 40.00 dBmV TDMA and ATDMA 2560 kSym/s QAM16
Upstream 2 --- --- --- --- ---
Upstream 3 --- --- --- --- ---
Upstream 4 --- --- --- --- ---


Oklahoma City, OK
I have 8x1 as well in Moore but I know people in Edmond that have 8x4. I believe someone here from Norman reported 8x4 as well.


Oklahoma City, OK
Probably changing out problematic equipment first and will then start working towards other area's. It will eventually get around, my guess is 6 months to a year and then speed upgrade availability will follow.

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Phoenix, AZ
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said by bchandler02:

My personal opinion only - if you have any RG59 left, rip it out and replace. New wiring can solve so many hidden problems. Use a 3GHZ RG6 cable so you are prepared for cable or sat in the future. Do it all to a central location to make it easier.

not so easy if its an apartment since they tend to have media closets the tennant doesn't have access to.
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