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Re: [IA] Des Moines intermittent HSI

this has been happening to me too in burlington, it usually starts a little after midnight so i assumed it was maintenance but after speaking with Chad he states it wasn't, service has dropped here for anywhere from half an hour 3 nights last week to an hour last friday morning from 1230am to 130 am. i called and the automated system said they had a very high volume of calls. if they do maintenance why not get it over with rather then disconnect customers several nights per week?


Tyler, MN
They have a GENEROUS 12-6am service window written into their service, so for six hours a night they can literally drop your service without any reason. I am starting to wonder, is shutting us off for six hours every night somehow saving them money?? LOL

My internet drops every night around 1am, regardless of day of the week or whatever, it just happens. If i happen to be up late i make sure to get everything done by midnight. It sucks because things like updating and backup all happen during the wee hours of the morning, and usually they cant complete because of the service drops.