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Re: KAV / KIS 2013 vs 2012 versions vs ...

I didn't give the full address being a download and against forum rules. If you were a member I could have sent the link.
See screen shot.
What version are you looking for Italian?

Edit: Yes, I see Italian is only 2013.

Edit 2: If you send in a support ticket they may provide you with a link. However the updated site/s frustrated me - the sales team changed too much about the site personally around version 2011. It is theirs though.
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said by norwegian:

See screen shot.

Perfect. I find the new Kaspersky site impossible to navigate. I was looking for the English versions and now that you've pointed me in the right direction, I've got them.

I have posted on the Kaspersky forum several times over the past ten days, sent in a support ticket, and even made a complaint because the "technician" who was helping provided no useful advice. They couldn't even point me to the 2012 versions.

It did not make any sense to me that MalwareBytes or SpywareBlaster would stop the KAV install, since they are NOT on the incompatabilty list on the Kaspersky site, and some forum posters said they encountered no issues. So if its an install order issue, it can be worked around.

I'm always hesitant to do major updates with Kaspersky. I suspect that the KAV 2012 version may be an easier starting point for me than 2013. If that goes well, then I'll try out KIS 2012. I see many issues on the forum, particularly with KIS 2013, but that may be just the usual stuff.