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[Speed Issues] Why does my wireless keep losing connection with

I recently switched over to Charter last month. I have had several hiccups since, buy my major one started last Friday on Jan 16th my internet just started dropping right out of the blue and hasn’t quit. I can be on my PlayStation playing a game and all the sudden I my game would either freeze or EA would drop me but the odd thing is I still stay login in to the PlayStation network, I can’t figure that one out. I can be using one of my computers and all the sudden I lose a bar and my connection would either freeze or totally drop. It will happen all at once and whoever is on a device would lose connection all at the same time. If I plug up Charters modem to my PlayStation with the Ethernet I get a solid stream but once I hook back up with a wireless it would start dropping all over again. I do reboot all systems when I change so that isn’t this issue.
The dropping is just random, sometime it can be a few second but it can be up to 30 min. Charter has been out to the house several times and can’t figure it out, they say it the wireless so I go and buy another one. I went and bought my third wireless today. I talked to a few guys at BestBuy and they couldn’t offer any help. I have bought two Netgears, the last one was the N600 and I just took back a Belkin N750 today. I have several computers that have windows Vista and 7, along with all the gaming systems. I am clueless as what to get next because I rely heavily on my internet for my business and I need a steady stream like I had with ATT. I would appreciate any help in me getting the right wireless router to work with Charter and all of my devices.
Thanks for any help


united state

Re: [Speed Issues] Why does my wireless keep losing connection w

First you should determine if you are loosing all Internet or if it is just the wireless. Do you have any wired devices? Check those too. Also, check the channel you are using. You may be in a busy area. Change the channel to a clear one. I like to use Wye Eye on my phone to determine what is being used in my area. If you can use the 5 ghz band you may find it to be a bit less contested. If all you can is the 2.4 ghz then try to minimize interference. Some cordless phones use the same band and can mess up a wifi signal. Your microwave oven uses the 2.4 ghz too. If your router is in close proximity to any of the above, move it as far away as possible.


Thanks for you help. Charters technician and I have done several of these with no change, but there is one you mentioned that I didn't check I'm going to do that now.