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Chilliwack, BC
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to ashrc4

Re: Possible for malware to covertly hide on harddrive sector

said by ashrc4:

said by SweetNoob :

I know about hardware malware being specifically designed for certain manufactures..

Had a hardware supplier (motherboard or Hdd...forget) allow for a hidden partition for it's own recovery. It was not searchable on the OS and not formattable by standard methods. Combined with a simple MBR exploit i would have to guess whether any malware has been written to exploit it. The malware in a hidden partition may not be scanned by AV.
Checking for these partitions can usually be assumed by comparing harddrive space from actual Hdd size.
I have a non-OEM install for a non-laptop Hdd so using D-Ban or equivalent should suffice in wiping the total drive space that these could hide.

O.k. forget d-ban for this job.

Could that be dangerous for the drive?
I think some damaged sectors are remapped for a reason and sectors are reserved to replace damaged ones.