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reply to gwalk

Re: Notech...are you here ?

Yeah, I have been busy on that site while the mods are away. Everything I post is true. Found my original thread but it's been renamed, closed, and edited.

This was originally titled "The connection was reset problem: Horrendous tech support," it was not solved, and my name was on the account.

All my other subsequent threads have been deleted. Can't believe they banned me. I was always cordial and only reported real experiences. For some reason my "idea" threads have not been deleted. Maybe they can't delete them?

Happy to oblige on the billing issues. Over the past year:
- Hughes billed me $125 for an on site repair that was never scheduled and never took place. Refunded but thread removed.
- They billed me around $40 extra (can't remember exact amount) with no explanation another month. Refunded but did not create a thread about it.
- I discovered that both these over billing took place when I requested partial credit to be applied. That really peeved me. I was given one month credit to make up for it.
- In December they double billed me for 3 restore tokens that were purchased seconds apart. Got $20 credit after much arguing.
- Within the past few days I was promised a partial refund. Called in multiple times because they kept saying it was applied but it was not. Just created a thread about that as it is still not resolved.

I have been dealing with Stephanie at executive support for a few months now and left them another voice mail today. On a plus note I have so much credit and refund that I'm not going to pay anything for months.

West Mich.
Lets hookup with Ricky if you want
I'm sure that any will need to create new ID's on Monday.

I'm seeing comments from people that have never "barked" before !

Is is possible the "Worm Has Turned" ?

It has been kind quite here on this site but if you do a search you will find a wealth of info re: installs, hardware and so on.
If enough questions with some meat on them came in perhaps they will show up again.