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South Plainfield, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Anav

Re: How to manage two WAN and two ROUTER connections

said by Anav:

Dont quite understand what your looking for but here is a post that describes the two isp two router scenario for optimal results...
»2 Gateways 2 ISPs 2 Routers 1 Network

Good memory Anav!

Although bcade's Managed Switch and Patch Panel are above my skill level, compared to BR1GAND's 2008 diagram, I do recommend connecting ONE LAN Port of each Router to a Switch and leaving the rest unused. My logic is that since I've upgraded my LAN 'backbone' to Gigabit, I want to keep all 'Internal' LAN traffic away from my older 10/100Mbps Router (gave up the DSL) such that only 'External / Internet-Bound' traffic reaches it.

With several legacy 100Mbps devices still in service in 4 rooms (Media Streamers, ReplayTVs, Print Servers), I also run separate 10/100Mbps switches off 1 port of the Gigabit switches so that they can communicate with each other without 'wasting' multiple Gigabit ports.

When both tuners in 2 SiliconDust HDHR3-US units are feeding 4 channels to my Vista HTPC using WMC, ~60Mbps is only consuming ~6% of the available 1Gbps bandwidth according to Task Manager.
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