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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to scififan68

Re: [TWC] Possible problem with new Zoom 5341j

said by scififan68:

Your signal as far as I can tell is fine, but you can't see the upstream SNR, which has to be read as an average at the CMTS. I bet this problem will take a very long time to fix, since it isn't something that can be easily seen by TWC. Not even a house tech can see the upstream SNR, so sending one of those out will just waste time. I guess you can try to call Tier 3 and see what they can do, but I doubt they will do much.

actually yes a house tech can see the upstream snr they just have to have their spectrum analyzer tool set to the upstream channels if they are programmed into it.


Fremont, NE
Ah nice I did not know that, well it may still be difficult to get the right person to do a spectrum analysis, but that is my experience so far, TWC is hard to actually get to fix issues that aren't apparent to them.