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reply to sbrook

Re: [E-mail] Comcast tells user to change from port 25 to 465 F

said by sbrook:

That said, 587 is working for him, so that should do unless it fails, when he'll probably be back! On 465 he got timeouts.

The person who had that problem was probably not using SSL for the connection. Using port 465 without using SSL will not work. Comcast has supported naked port 25 and 587, and port 587 using TLS, and port 465 using SSL for many years. This is nothing new; what is new is that Comcast is phasing in a universal port 25 port block for its residential customers. Using port 465 with SSL has always worked, and it continues to work; any problem would be with the customer's setup (perhaps with a local firewall setting, if the email client was actually setup properly).
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