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Cincinnati, OH
reply to Speedy Petey

Re: [TWC] RR terribly slow

I got a letter that things were speeding up. Yet I'm still waiting. Sure the speed "test" says things are faster but that is just so FALSE. Compare a Bus Vs. a Roadster. The Roadster (Time Warner) goes faster only in TW conducted tests on their own network. But the Bus brings soooo much more data across the finish line. Hence TW is just full of hot air (lies). Listening them tell their scripted lies is almost too much to bear. Every once in awhile a level tech sounds surprised we know what they're actually doing when explained to them. And to boot, they refuse to stop charging for equipment rental even though we've stopped using their modems and have bought our own modem and router for years now. They're no better than the other corporations that are for-profit at all costs even when it sticks it to the consumer.