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Re: Disable NAT on Vonage V-Portal

The problem is the Simmens SpeedTouch 516 is the only device that establishes a PPPoE connection, as it will only allow for one connection. It then has the NAT disabled and is assigned the first IP address in the block. The modem's one and only LAN port is then plugged directly into a switch with 4 of the 5 computers attached to it. The Vonage V-Portal also has its WAN port connected to the switch, with the 5th computer plugged into the V-Portal's LAN port. The more "juicy" details of the configuration can be found in this forum thread.

If I had the command to use in the SSH terminal to disable the V-Portal's NAT, I could then switch the modem over to bridge mode and wire it directly to the V-Portal's WAN port. From there, the V-Portal would establish the PPPoE session, thus allowing me to use the 76.10.xxx.xxx IP address and assign the 173.xxx.xxx.225 address to the V-Portal's LAN connection, thereby allowing me to plug the V-Portal's LAN port and the computer that once plugged into it into the switch and assign the 173.xxx.xxx.230 IP address to the 5th computer. In this configuration, all devices would be able to be acknowledged as being directly connected, without the need for an additional IP address.

I'm hoping there is a way to do this and that it's just a matter of digging deep enough to do it, but it seems Vonage doesn't seem to have much support for anything to do with the SSH sessions with the V-Portal, which seems a little unusual.

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OK, that clarifies things a bit. I seems that your ISP is indeed using a traditional CIDR IP address assignment instead of using individual PPPoE sessions (as you previously seemed to be saying).

Is the switch behind the SpeedTouch 516 only a 5 port switch? If that is the case, you may want to just get an 8 port switch, or cascade another 5 port switch. I have setup many CIDR block static IP circuits, and unless your SpeedTouch 516 is really brain dead, you should be able to do public static IP assignments for the PCs that you want to be publicly exposed, and just allow the SpeedTouch 516 to do a NAT DHCP assignment to the Vonage box. I have done this on multiple occasions, and it has always worked for me (but I have never tried it with a SpeedTouch 516, so certainly, YMMV).

One thing I am pretty sure of is that Vonage is not going to give your the root authentication for your Vonage box to allow you SSH access (and that is not unusual at all; they have never officially allowed customer SSH access to their ATA boxes). And even if they did, and you could disable NAT inside the Vonage box, I am pretty sure that the Vonage box would then require that its VoIP controller would need one IP address, and any connected devices would have to have a separate IP address. I have worked with ATAs that could be setup as bridge devices, and also with IP phones that were bridge devices, that that was always how they worked.
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