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Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR

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reply to Speedy Petey

Re: [TWC] RR terribly slow

The bullshit continues. Slow speeds for months. Good modem signal levels. Decent speeds in the wee hours of the morning. At peak time, seems anyone I visit in town, besides myself, is suffering along with me. Huge packet loss, bad download speeds. Changing the mtu of my network interface to 576 on the wan side seems to help with recovering from all that packet loss, making the connection somewhat useful. Been a long time since I reviewed TWC and this has been going on for so long that it is about to be included in my review update. You aren't gonna like me, TWC!!

Edit: Taking forever just to download a 168MB netinstall image of Debian for a machine I am putting back online. Plugging along around 50KB/sec

Edit2: Worth noting even a download of that size would likely die with mtu set at 1500, 1492(yes, I know that's PPPoE, but auto actually says 1480 on this line), or auto.
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Pings to my gateway(1st Hop)
This is my 1st hop to RR network in Albany and my pings are crazy high to my gateway. I'm averaging 80-100ms to everything with spikes up to 2000ms regularly :-( hopefully they resolve this soon or i'm going to move where fios is because dsl is too slow.