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reply to JohnInSJ

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 Review

said by JohnInSJ:

said by jaa:

What is unproductive is having to learn something new.

And you knew how to use an iPhone (or Android, or whatever touch phone you use...) the first time you picked it up? Pinch zoom, you always did that did you?

Yep! Never needed an instruction manual, never had to look something up - it just worked. Even something new and different like that.

No, I didn't know everything day 1. But I was able to do everything I needed to - make and receive phone calls, surf the web, setup email, use email, etc. I learned new features as needed. Sort of like I don't know every feature of Word - but I can write a letter, and when I need to do some formatting, or add footnotes - it is pretty natural to figure it out.

I don't recall forum threads about the iPhone when it was introduced saying how unusable it was.

Boyko was right on the money.
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