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Albuquerque, NM

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Re: [Qwest] CL Data Caps are REAL.

I said that they accused me of using 30tb... This was over the phone when I called to ask about the disconnect letter... And refers to usage in October of last year. In October of last year I was indeed unaware of excessive bandwidth usage until I received the letter. I don't know whether their system screwed up or I just used a hell of a lot that wasn't the point. The whole point was not even the cap... The point was that CL is enforcing a cap on something that they cant prove you used. I asked if they could send me my monthly bandwidth for the three months I violated and was told that there was no way. If they cant prove I violated TOS then I shouldn't be held the that TOS. I am not saying I didn't. I am reasonably sure that some months when I downloaded a lot from ITunes or streamed a lot of music as well as downloaded audio books I went over their cap. I have no doubt that I did at least once. But, since they are accusing me of using so much data, something like 12 times the data cap I would have liked to have seen proof before they threatened to terminate me. Cant provide anything but a popup or any documentation of bandwidth usage but yet they can choose to disconnect the service. That was the whole point of my first post and subsequent. At this point the fact that CL has data caps doesn't matter to me anymore than whether a bear shits in the woods. They are no longer my provider, my current provider currently has no caps and is within 10 dollars price wise for the same service. So I am happy and if my current provider brings back caps I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Then I may go to a business tier. The business tier is great if you want to pay the $255 price tag and sign a two year agreement with centurylink.

Winterset, IA
I am in a area where no other carriers are available just hardwired CenturyLink I get 12mbps download and 896kb up that is not enough, I stream 24/7 music youtube etc, and have not seen the cap yet. I go over 250GB a month sometimes here and there without downloading anything illegal. I have a static IP from them.

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It's not a pop-up. You go into a walled garden, get redirected to the notice, you read the notice, you click yourself out of it and go on your way. There is no way to miss it.


reply to GetMoney
If a customer refuses to comply with one of the many options provided, CenturyLink reserves the right to disconnect service after
the third month of excessive usage in a rolling 12-month period.

» ··· /EUP.pdf

Seems like there is a cap to me.
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Re: [Qwest] CL Data Caps are REAL.

Let me spell out something for those people reading this going, "PISH PAW! Caps are needed and will never affect users doing legit things with their internet!".

My wife and I are both avidly play games in our spare time. We like to unwind and play things together, despite it taking ages to download anything on CL's 3MB service.

I bought Max Payne 3 for us on the recent Steam sale. We both downloaded it, totaling around 60 gigs because of the MASSIVE size of the game. We'll both also be getting BioShock Infinite, ANOTHER combined 60 gigs. That's a 120 gigs for two games. Over half the cap is whoosh and gone.

Things online are taking more and more bandwidth while congestion issues are never sorted in any timely manner, complete lack of speed options, and a high monthly bill. There's no reason for caps except cash grabs, and high bandwidth users are becoming the norm rather than the exception.