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Alfred, ME
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reply to Elyria

Re: [TWC] TW Internet Ultra 50/5mbit getting only 1mb/sec Usenet

said by Elyria:

Not knowledgeable how the SSL relationship with the ISP is utilized , unless it's anon abilities are what you're referring to .
I do know, that the usage slows downloads. If the session keys to encrypt and decrypt were fast enough to keep up.......we wouldn't see any difference using it. Right ?

Plenty of users (quite a few in European countries) use it to get around traffic shaping and throttling issues seen on non-encrypted traffic / ports from ISPs.

Also, keep in mind that NNTP passes login information in plain text. SSL / NNTPS would be useful if you were on a public wifi network.

I wouldn't say it slows downloads necessarily, just makes downloads marginally longer. If you have a 50 MBit connection, your newsreader will still show you downloading at 50 MBits with SSL enabled, it will simply take a bit longer since there is SSL related data in the packets...which leaves less room for the actual data that you want. So essentially, you need an increase of data packets to come up with the end result....but it will still download at the same speed reflected in your newsreader.
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