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What, I can have feathers
Conway, SC

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Re: Ready to dump Windows, is Mac or Linux better for me?

Unfortunately, Mac. Photoshop can run on Linux, if you want to take the time to tinker and figure out how. Probably the same for MS Office.

Mac, you can just get Office and Photoshop and be done with it.

Understand that Macs are as proprietary as the day is long. AppleCare is a must, and if what you do is mission critical, make sure you live near an Apple Store, or are prepared to be without it for some time if something goes wrong. Also be ready for a shorter obsolesence cycle than Windows machines. Yes, Macs typically last forever, but newer software won't run on older hardware, and upgrades aren't exactly a simple thing most of the time.

Linux is better for cost, but I believe it's still a tinkerers' OS. You need to be prepared to dive into the background of the OS to make it behave the way you want, and get the software you want to run.

Just my opinions. I know MS is pushing subscription for future Office, but I don't recall seeing that for Windows. I do know they're trying to push for a yearly 'update/refresh' cycle for windows, but not make it subscription based.