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reply to Wayne99021

Re: [HomeSecurity] Norton Internet Security.

said by Wayne99021:

Has anyone else downloaded the New Norton from Comcast? before it was 360v6
I got a new computer and down loaded version from Comcast.
Every morning I get an error 8506.421 where I lose all the functions in Norton until I reboot the computer, then everything comes back to normal. I have to do that every morning.
I called support and let the tech get into my computer and watched her clean out everything that had to do with Norton and install a patch that was supposed to fix the problem, but didn't.
I normally don't turn my computer off every night, but do now because I don't know if the security is working or not while that error is there.

Yes, I tried the new version, and you are lucky that all it does is clobber itself. I had two Windows XP workstations that would crash several times per day after that version got installed. When I tried to reinstall the older version, it installed, but it would not activate. I have now switched to MSE combined with ThreatFire for all of my Windows boxes (and of course the Windows firewall). That combination works quite well, and I doubt that I will bother to even try Norton/Symantec again (although I am technically using Symantec since they recently bought the company that marketed ThreatFire).
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