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Re: [Cable] Youtube lags at night still, upgrade cache servers?

said by Weaver2:

I'm with Teksavvy in Kitchener (on 28/1). I also almost always have youtube problems at night with 1080p streaming. It's usually later at night.

I can watch a 1080p video no problem around 6pm. It buffers extremely fast. Around, say, 9-10pm, things really slow down. I can perform all other internet tasks at regular speeds, so I assume it's something on Youtube's end, really.

I've been trying to watch the US superbowl commercials since about 4am and not only is it slow, buffering flat out stops! ...if you want to call that a peak time, so be it. This is for any youtube video, any resolution. It's not just today, it's nearly all the time. Like other people have said, it's only youtube so something isn't right. Pretty much all other sites and online activities go at full speed when youtube is crippled. This started happening only after i left Rogers.