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Aptos, CA
reply to intok

Re: $100 a year to USE MS Office - lol

said by intok:

said by JohnInSJ:

said by intok:

If that where the case it would get better over time, not stagnate and offer only horrible re-skinning gimmicks.

Ah, so now you're trying a different argument? Look, you don't need to buy it. I am happy for you to not buy it. Doesn't mean this isn't a good deal for people who were going to buy it anyway.

Frankly, it's a fantastic deal for someone who was going to buy office 2013 pro. That's not you.

I still don't see how it's a deal, especially when compared to what it was before if you where a student. Tons of home users used that loophole to get it for a vastly reduced price, one that was still too high, but still around 1/4th of retail.

I will leave aside cheating. It is a deal if you do the math and calculate the cost of 1 license for Office Pro ($400) or 5 licenses of Office Pro ($2000) and then compare that to 5 installs per year at $100.
So what you get 5 seats, most won't need the extra seats and will be charged many times what even a single seat of the retail version used to go for.
I already agreed YOU don't see it as a deal. In my home there are three users and multiple devices including Macs, PCs, and Tablets. It would be a great deal for me.
And you where the one that changed the argument. Fact is it's not worth it as the new versions still don't offer anything of value over the old versions or free alternatives outside of the forced upgrades over time. Such is the way of monopoly consumerism.

No, you went from "it's a bad deal, free stuff can do it" to "the new version is crap and offers nothing new". How is that a fact? You've done an analysis of the versions? You've published this fact sheet? I must have missed that.

I'm more than happy to agree that you don't find any value in this. Is there any universe where you could agree that SOME people would find value in this, or must everyone be like you in your world?
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Having used every version of office since Word 5.5 on Windows 3.11 in 6 years in IT and 3 in politics I've yet to find anything that I can't do in Office '97 let alone the free versions that is offered by the new versions that isn't directly the cause of file format breakage to force an upgrade.

You actually need full blown office on a tablet? Sounds like a painful experience to say the least. Of your 3 users how many actually need full blown office?

How is it cheating if they are still raking in money hand over fist? The student price is much closer to the actual cost of developer time + massive profit margin then the full retail.

said by JohnInSJ:

Microsoft Office2013 has a lot of new features. I am going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that the programmers that work at Microsoft don't just sit around eating donuts, but they in fact program every day. Even the ones working in the office division.

Right here is when you started changing your argument. Of those new features have you ever used? How many have you ever seen in use? Or are they as useful as a scanner on your phone for tracking the migration pattern of sparrows?

For all the developers they have the end products don't show for it. If that where not the case the behemoth wouldn't have so many bombs that would have crushed any company that doesn't have a stranglehold on the market.