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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to KahunaNui

Re: [OK] Problems after speed upgrade yesterday

Last time that happened I had severe packet loss on the upstream side. You may want to test for that.


Fayetteville, AR
·Cox HSI

It's All Over the Place!

»www.speedtest.net/result/2485762 ··· 2538.png

It's all over the place... they are sending out a tech 'cause they claimed it's definitely on their end.
I agree, with the exception of the wiring.

The wiring here is predominantly RG59 from many years ago. They ended up reconfiguring the old splitters which were really messed up.
Then splicing RG6 to it.

I've wondered if it all has to be rewired in order to get the tv service because there is RG6 running to one location from prior tenant's satellite dish install. Dish guys told me they must have the better RG6 for their service which they will install. Probably the same for cable tv?
Maybe we should get satellite, have them replace the rg59 for rg6 and cancel after the required period of time. Ancient wiring problem solved!

It could be the new [replaced] splitter is failing? But I've never seen one fail with these symptoms before.

If it stays this good should we cancel the [tech] appointment?