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Re: Ready to dump Windows, is Mac or Linux better for me?

I've recently tip-toe'd into the Mac universe... I'm pretty heavy into iDevices (iPods, iPhones, iPads, and ATV's) - but have been Windows and Linux oriented for computing...

I was given a couple of year old MBP - hardware is beautiful, like most Apple stuff... The OSX that was on the machine was way out of date, but for $19, was able to order a new version straight from Apple; on a DVD, that showed up 2 days later. Beat that, M$

GUI wise - Win7, Mac OSX, and most Linux distro's are similar enough that you'll be able to find your way around, in pretty short order.

Apple ties your hands a bit, but the hardware and software being designed together makes everything just work...

I also run a Ubuntu system - it's very usable, but there's a lot more 'under-the-hood' tweaking to do, to get it dialed in - Linux is WAY more friendly then it used to be, but it's still not plug-and-play, either...

There are app's to do what you do for Linux or Mac - Office and Photoshop are both available in native Mac versions, Linux would be 'alternatives' that are similar, but not exactly the same...

If you like to fiddle, give Linux a try - you can use your current hardware, and run a LiveCD to try it... If you want something that just works, go Mac... I don't think either way is 'wrong'...