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reply to MRCURAnon

Re: [Speed] Speed increase.

said by MRCURAnon :

said by mrschultz02:

f you get the change you will see a change in all the speed tests. For me the short tests for download were previously seeing the powerboost at 24 to 25 mbps, with longer tests reading 16 sustained. Now all tests read around 22.

Thanks for the clarification. I didn't realize they were moving it to 22/4 instead of 25/4 (where powerboost used to take it).

It was inevitable. Comcast isn't known for boosting Performance more then a few megs in any direction. If they did push it to 25/4 or better this time, for whatever reason (Testing a 2013-14 upgrade maybe?) I'd expect Blast! to be 75 or better to justify spending more then the price quoted for Performance.

Something else I've seen continually. Comcast loves to recycle old speeds. If Performance is now really 22/4, they've recycled an old version of the Blast speed that was rolled out in certain areas and it also brings to mind the grandfathered and soon to be completely dead Ultra 22/5 speed.

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