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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
reply to Dodge

Re: Some pre-purchase renovation questions

If it was built in the 60s, the recessed cans are probably remodel versions, which are very easy to swap out. But the only reason I can think that they would need to warm up is if someone put early generation/cheap CFL bulbs in them. Try popping a new incandescent bulb in one of them and see if it strikes right away.
As far as replacing them, the cans themselves come in standard sizes, so you should be able to swap them out.

Are you maybe talking about recessed fluorescent fixtures? Those are even easier to replace, and they too come in standard sizes. It's usually just 2 screws holding the fixture in place.

The door issue will depend a lot on the wall framing, but shouldn't be too hard.

The pool costs will vary greatly depending on the average ambient temperature, what temperature you want to keep it at, surface area of the water, what type of cover, how efficient the pump is, how efficient the heater is, and what type of fuel the heater uses. You will definitely need to provide more information to get any sort of ideas on that one.
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