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Re: [Equipment] MultiTech Systems MVP-410 Business-Grade ATA

had one that died on me, they are old and clunky interfaces like the other folks said, I would just get something newer, lots of things have changed in the past few years and everything got tiny, not sure how many lines you need but some suggestions:
Grandsteam 4 port ATA $81
Cisco 1 line ATA SP122 $53

Obi100 ATA $39

or you could get a FXS/FXO gateways with lots of ports, Grandtream makes some that we use with one of their PBXs, but that would be if you need lots of ports

Poway, CA
Obviously, everyone is different, but I personally don't see anything wrong with the MultiTech interface. Once the unit is set up, you probably won't need to use the interface again for quite awhile, anyway.

I ran the MVP410 for an hour with the fan removed from the chassis and nothing got even slightly warm, so it looks like I could disconnect the fan permanently. Before doing that, I want to run a Craigslist ad to see if someone will trade their MVP210 for my 410. Since the MVP410 is considerably more expensive than the 210, an even trade would benefit the other person.

Poway, CA
Update: This unit is intended to talk to other MVP units (for example, a unit at corporate headquarters will talk to another unit at a branch office) and was not designed to work with a VOIP provider, but, since SIP is SIP, I was able to massage it into working with IdeaSIP. The other day, the proxy would not register; I went back to factory defaults and tried again- it worked this morning, so I must have made a typo the first time.

As hoped for (since this is business-grade stuff), when I used the IdeaSIP echo test, my voice sounded great when it came back to me (considerably better than what I heard from my Linksys RT31P2-NA last week). My expectations are that this will work better and be more reliable than a consumer-grade ATA.