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Oc'D To Rhythm And Police
Tempe, AZ
reply to danawhitaker

Re: Game shopping (BB RewardZone vs GS PowerUp)

The other thing that bothers me with gamestop is how they arbitrarily choose some wonky things regarding what they will or won't accept.

I personally never understood why they won't accept used strategy guides, when they're usually a lot more useful in that state than a game disc that's already got scratches on it (that they then try to blame on you).

Or how they didn't even give the Dreamcast 24 hours from Sega's announcement of leaving the hardware market before they stopped accepting any new trade-ins for the platform at all. Or more recently for me, when I went to trade in my Gamecube hardware as I was migrating to the Wii, that they gave me all sorts of crap of giving me $5 for a $40 Component cable for the GameCube, and then a week later were turning around to sell it for $30. Or how seemingly all gamestops pretty much stopped carrying any PSP accessories or systems within a week of me finding my first Go; I'd really like to know what they would have done if I couldn't have got it replaced for another unit then.

There's also serious discrepancies about the various store policies... how, as an example, while I know that it should be possible to get something shipped to a store closer to you if someone in the 'network' has it, not even a third of the stores around me will even offer to do it if they don't readily carry something.

It really makes me pine for a Bookman's on this side of the country.
Because, f*ck Sony