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Burnt Out Cynic
reply to Mele20

Re: [WIN8] What is this credential?

On a system with very limited software installed, and the mail component of live that entry does exist. If a person does use a live account with the live mail the login is stored here also. I would guess that if the person doesn't use a live account, and just uses the software not connected to a live account it would be safe to delete if it doesn't somehow come back on it's own.

While Win 8 does have components of hyper-v I doubt this has anything to do with hyper-v as this entry has been reported in earlier versions of windows also.
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Hilo, HI
I don't use live mail at all. The only Windows live thing I have is Photo Gallery so I think that is what did it. I do have a Microsoft account for many, many years and login for that is to Windows Live. BUT on this Windows 8 computer I did NOT allow Microsoft to con me into creating a Windows Live account as my user account when first setting up everything on this new computer. I ignored that and instead created a LOCAL USER account for Windows 8. So, I will try deleting it and maybe it won't come back.

As for hyper-v....ton of stuff on Win 8 for it. I will try it first before Virtualbox that was a nightmare for me (bad bug when I tried to update Virtualbox during Win 7 beta) when I used it to do the Win 7 public beta. What I am concerned about is which program will properly convert my XP Pro VMWare Workstation 7 virtual machine? I will look at Player again as I haven't in a couple of years but last time I looked at was really restricted compared to Workstation but Workstation is quite expensive so that is why I looked a bit at hyper-v (I have a Vista Ultimate virtual machine created with Microsoft's earlier Virtual PC 2007 software) and did download Virtualbox. Both look complicated to convert a Workstation VM.
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