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[Anveo] Anveo down?

My line on Anveo has been unregistered for over 30 minutes now (first noticed outage at 10:13am Eastern). My CallCentric line is working, and I can ping just fine, so the problem probably isn't my internet connection. Is Anveo working for other people?

Their live chat is offline, and their "Service Status Updates" page shows nothing new since November.

Aurora, CO
My Anveo Dashboard indicates mine is on-line. I called home and talked to the wife about an hour ago. No issues.

reply to CCMakesMeCry
I talked to tech support on chat and they figured the problem out. Their systems are working fine, but they added DNS_SRV for TCP on Sunday, which caused my Snom 320 to try to connect via TCP instead of UDP, which isn't supported for my plan. This fix works for me: change Login / Outbound Proxy to tack on a ";transport=udp". So "" becomes ";transport=udp"