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Extreme Aerobatics
Campbell Hall, NY
reply to me1212

Re: Good distro for a 60 year old man?

said by me1212:

And how big of an ssd/hdd would it need? 60GB or so?

My dad's laptops's hard drive may be failing, its about 3 or 4 years old has sata 2. Its not the best laptop but its still plenty more than enough for him and it would cost about $400 to get a new laptop that is as good as his current one.

All he does is brows the web and occasionally youtube on it. I'm thinking mint 14 but want to get some input on that and the new drive size for him. I'd do windows but eh it costs money and all he needs is a web browser which linux can do fine.

I have my 85 year old dad and 80 year old mom using Ubuntu on their laptop and desktop with no issues at all - they both were long time window users.

I moved them to Linux after the last time I had to clean their machines...
Nothin' left to do but smile smile smile


Pleasant Hill, MO
Same reason I got my dad on linux, so much easier to not have to worry about viruses as much. He seems to love it so far.