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Evans, GA
reply to liquoranne

Re: [Classes] Druid 5.2 Resto

Healed my first MSV on my druid this weekend. My gear is horrible (went in with only 459 equipped). If we heal the way druids are supposed to heal... the hps is solid... we do put out a lot of healing (I was holding steadily at 40k).... but at my gear level my mana was vaporizing. The group we ran with (PnE provided a tank, 2 heals, and 1 m.dps who weren't already saved) had abysmal dps... we died to Boss Enrage (I swear I thought it was a myth... but at 8:15, you'll find it). Druid innervate is solid, but the mana cost to support druid healing is high. Also, I will reiterate my gripe with our healing mushrooms... aside from Feng, it's the weakest of the "cool new healers spells".

We are solid healers for Feng... Timing your ToL is great for P3 (if you didn't need it for P2 (dps too low to push after only 2 draw flames)... shrooms is great for later in the draw flame Aoe while wildgrowth and swiftmend are on CD.

We do well (if geared to not be hemorrhaging mana) 2 healing this.

Anyhoo... had fun with the druid this weekend. The healing toolkit seems very limited after spending so much time healing on a priest. There is also no "idle" for a druid... it's full-speed healing at all times... and mana conservation takes a little more planning on my druid than it does on my priest (that might be the ilvl talking).
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